Cartels, Hackers, and Jazz : See / Read / Listen to This: Issue #7

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Recently I've been getting more and more into jazz music - if you have any album/artist recommendations, shoot me an email! See: Cartel Land (Documentary | Netflix) This Oscar nominated documentary follows vigilante groups on either side of the Mexican border as they battle, at times violently, against the drug cartels. It provides rare insight into the ...

Artificial Intelligence, Tumblr, and the Stock Market: See / Read / Listen to This: Issue #5

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See: In Bruges (Movie | Netflix) This is the story of two assassins spending a short "vacation" in a Belgian town called Bruges (pronounced "broozh") after a hit-gone-wrong. The movie is soulful, hilarious, and features all around stunning performances that have made it into a cult classic. It's listed on Wikipedia as a "neo-noir black comedy crime ...

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