Weekly Reading: Feb. 1st – Feb. 7th

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The video camera pairs perfectly with the TV as a format, but it doesn't apply to VR. 360 video is not super compelling and is not even close to actual 3D environments. The capture device isn't here yet, and Iribe thinks its going to take quite a while (he implied that it will be closer to when ...

Weekly Reading: Jan. 25th – Jan. 31st

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We use the phrase “suspension of disbelief” about the experience of watching TV or movies. This implies that our default state watching TV and movies is disbelief. We start to believe only when we become sufficiently immersed. With VR, the situation is reversed: our brains believe, by default, that what we see is real. The risk ...

Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again

— Katy Lindemann

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