Weekly Reading: May 17th – 23rd

“Thinking of debates as changing people’s minds about politics is like thinking fans watching a basketball game are going to change which team they’re rooting for,” says Dartmouth’s Nyhan. “The people who watch debates are already invested, and the people who aren’t invested don’t care so they don’t pay attention to debates.” (Jason Zengele | Is Hilary Clinton Any Good at Running for President | NYMag)


A pool is a luxury product and demands certain investments and you don’t hear anyone complaining about it, it is simply taken as fact.All of this is trying to make a point, and here it comes: Oculus is offering up humanity a true wonder of our time. Genuine, pure, uncut wonder: on tap. (Robert McGregor, The Oculus Rift and Swimming Pools)
This makes perfect sense – notifications themselves are becoming that third runtime. That pull-down panel aggregates activity from everything on your phone, and Google and Apple have made notifications actionable and given them payloads. One can already look at an iPhone or Android phone’s notification screen and ask – ‘where’s the algorithm filtering this?’ And in a sense, the notification panel fills the ‘cross platform compatibility’ role that some people would like to see in messaging – all the notifications for all my messaging apps show up there (Ben Evans | Messaging and Mobile Platforms |Ben-Evans.com)


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